Mr. Joshua
Jack Joshua
Biographical information




Hair color



December 23, 1987 (age 43)


Martin Riggs
Roger Murtaugh


General Peter McAllister

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Lethal Weapon

Latest appearance

Lethal Weapon

Last appearance

Lethal Weapon




Garey Busey


History Edit

Mr. Joshua and henchmen appear for the first time when Mendez wants to do business with McAllister. In this scene, McAllister voluntarily burns Joshua arm with a lighter to scare Mendez .

Later, under the command of General Joshua Michael Hunsaker shade but the latter has already talk to the police.

Joshua therefore kill Martin Riggs shot but it was equipped with a bulletproof vest.

Joshua believed dead and fled.

He reappears later when one of his colleagues, some Gustaf , notes that Roger Murtaugh, a colleague of Riggs, has in his possession a grenade. But the pin proves to be a foumigène. Camouflaged behind a bush, Riggs down a few acolytes Joshua before being ensnared by McAllister, who approached quietly. Murtaugh , he finally surrendered and two policemen are captured and tortured by Joshua , McAllister and their henchmen. But Riggs frees and saves Murtaugh while Joshua and McAllister disperse while fleeing. After a chase through the streets, Joshua Riggs escapes while McAllister dies in an accident. Now without allies, Joshua went to the residence of Murtaugh or undertakes a final confrontation with Riggs at the end of which Joshua dies shot.

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