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The "Lethal Weapon Wiki" is an open-world encyclopedia to the film series. Instead of the valid, unfinished wikia site of the same name, this wiki will have more content, more information, and more fun than ever. LOAD YOUR LETHAL WEAPON! ITS GONNA BE A TERRIFIC WIKI-STYLE BLAST!

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Lethal Weapon is a 1987 film directed by Richard Donner and starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.  (read more...)


"So this must have been Uncle Benny meant by Four Fathers. Looks like Japan's version of the Marx brothers. Let's see we got Groucho, Harpo, Chico and uh Fucko."Martin Riggs to The Four Fathers

Roger Murtaugh: I hope that when I do retire, your next partner is just like you.
Martin Riggs: That won't happen to me because there are winners and there are losers, and God wouldn't do that to me.