"Diplomatic immunity!
Arjen Rudd

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Arjen Rudd
Biographical information



South African

Eye color


Hair color



February 29, 1928


March 1988 (age 60)


Minister of Affairs


Pieter Vorstedt

Weapon(s) owned

Mauser C 96


Martin Riggs
Roger Murtaugh


Rika Van Den Haas


South African Consulate

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Lethal Weapon 2

Latest appearance

Lethal Weapon 2

Last appearance

Lethal Weapon 2


Shot and killed


Joss Ackland

Arjen Rudd is one of the two main antagonists of Lethal Weapon 2. He is the corrupt Minister of Affairs for the South African Consulate in Los Angeles. He is portrayed by Joss Ackland.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Arjen Rudd except that he was born somewhere around South Africa.

Events of Lethal Weapon 2Edit

Rudd is first seen in his office eating, with his head of security Pieter Vorstedt guarding the door. Soon, Hans, an associate of Rudd, enters. Rudd finds out about Hans escaping, remarking about bruises on him, but reminds about the one-million dollars worth of Krugerrands. Hans reveals that he lost and apologizes. Rudd remarks "It's not your fault" to him and that things don't go as planned. He orders Vorstedt to shoot Hans in the head. Later, Rudd orders Pieter and other South African henchman to warn the police by pinning Murtaugh and his wife Trish in duct tape to tell them to cease their investigate of the imported Kruggerands. This fails, however, since the two doesn't cease and are reassigned to protect federal witness Leo Getz. Rudd sends over a hitman to assassinate Getz, which fails.

At the office, Rudd complains about Getz which he sees Vorstedt wondering around random. Later at Rudd's stilt house, the duo invades the home. While the two are chasing down the attempted hitman, Rudd and his henchmen are packing up the house. However, during this, the detectives and other policemen returns to arrest Rudd. However, Rudd had invoked the "diplomatic immunity" with the Diplomatic Relations Act for himself and his men, thus meaning that his men are unable to be arrested nor given any restrain from police enforcement.

Despite this, the next day, while leaving for work, Riggs stalks on Rudd via truck. As Rudd arrives at the front gate of the Consulate, Riggs is already there, still stalking him as he holds a sign. Riggs then infiltrates the building. Riggs confronts Rudd, Vorstedt, and his henchmen. He harrasses and taunts on him and departs. Before he departed, he shoots Rudd's fish tank. Fed up with Riggs, he orders his henchmen to murder L.A.P.D. officers before going onto Murtaugh and Riggs. He sends two of his men to kill Murtaugh while sending an attack helicopter to Riggs' mobile home, which both attempts fails.

Rudd is then seen at the L.A. Harbor where he plans to smuggle his billion dollars to Cape Town on a ship known as the Alba Varden. Unfortunately, Riggs and Murtaugh arrives on time to destroy his money and both kill all of Rudd's henchmen, including Vorstedt. Then, Rudd shoots an injured Riggs. When Murtaugh aims at him, Rudd shows off his official ID and yells "diplomatic immunity". Murtaugh shoots Rudd once in the head, killing him, claiming "it's just been revoked."