Antagonists are the main villains of a story and the complete opposite of the protagonist. In the Lethal Weapon series, the antagonists are shown to be against the main characters such as Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh as the duo unloads their guns against them during criminal activities like: arms dealing, drugs, smuggling and money laundering.

Antagonist ListEdit

Lethal WeaponEdit

General Peter McAllister General Peter McAllister is one of the two main antagonists in Lethal Weapon. He is the boss of Mr. Joshua. McAllister is a former United States army general who runs an illegal heroin shipment. McAllister mainly has ties with Detective Sergeant Roger Murtaugh's old friend Michael Hunsaker. He had Hunsaker killed when he revealed to Murtaugh about the shipment McAllister has connected with. Later, he ordered his men to kidnap Murtaugh's daughter Rianne. During a deal gone wrong, he personally captures Martin Riggs and tortures Murtaugh later on. However, as he was about to hurt Rianne, Riggs frees Murtaugh and his daughter while McAllister escapes. McAllister then is killed when his getaway car crashes into a bus, causing gernades inside to explode in the process.
He is portrayed by Mitchell Ryan.
Mr. Joshua Mr. Joshua is one of the two main antagonists of Lethal Weapon. He is the fearsome enforcer of former general Peter McAllister. When Michael Hunsaker betrays his ties towards them, Joshua is ordered to murder him but then hunts down Riggs and Murtaugh. At a meeting in the abandoned desert, Joshua has Murtaugh and Rianne captured while Riggs is personally captured by McAllister. At a warehouse, Joshua tortures Riggs brutally with electronical shocks. When the three escapes, Joshua is chased by Riggs but escapes. Joshua later shoots up Murtaugh's residence after shooting two cops dead, but is caught by the duo. Instead of arresting him, Riggs offers him a challenge in hand-to-hand combat, which Joshua accepts. However, Riggs defeats Joshua. The latter resists arrest and attempts to kill Riggs, but the latter and Murtaugh shoots Joshua dead.
He is portrayed by Garey Busey.